Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Just a little bit of sparkle!

Here is a quick mani I did the other day.

You can do this with any nail polish. I thought the beige-y pink colour from Kiko worked perfectly with the silver.

Once you have picked your colour, apply a few coats on your nails and let dry completely. 
Once they are dry add another layer of the SAME nail colour and before it dries (using your finger) dab on some glitter at the base of your nail... and slowly work upwards. 

To get this 'ombre' effect I made sure the base was completely covered with the glitter and just rubbed my fingers together on top of the nail allowed the last remaining glitter pieces fall to the tip of the nail, thus giving you the ombre look. 

Finish with a top coat.

  • Try not to use your fingers too much and don't press too hard as you might undo all the layers of polish underneath.
  • The other tip is you can use a clear nail polish to help stick the glitter on (instead of  the same colour).
  •  Make sure you check your top coat brush for any stray glitter, because I can guarantee you it will sneak its way onto your next mani and it will annoy the crap outta you! 

That's it... SIMPLE!

Let me know what you think?

-B xx

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