Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Orange and Grey Squares!

Hey Everyone!
So last week someone inspired my next nail art design. She was telling me about this beautiful house that was    mostly white with grey and orange square sections. Now that got thinking... how can I transfer this to my nails. Well, after 3 attempts (yes, I said three) I finally was happy with what I had created... here they are.

I used:
White: Sally Hansen - White On
Orange: Rimmel - Hot and Spicy
Dark Grey: Maybelline - Impeccable Greys
Light Grey: Kiko - Shade 329

I started by painting my thumb, middle and ring finger in the white. On my pointer and my thumb I used label sticker to create this beautiful half moon shape in the dark grey.
Once the white had dried I used nail tape to create these long rectangular shapes and square shapes then, painted them the different colours.

Like I said before this took me 3 goes to get right. And if you look closely at my middle finger the colours have bled into the white a bit which REALLY annoys me. But sometimes you just have to let it go. hehe

Anyway I hope you liked it?

B xx

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