Thursday, 28 February 2013

Green Sparkles

For Christmas I got some really nice neon coloured nail polishes and hadn't had a chance to use the green one. So after a bit of thought I decided to pair it with glitter.
I started with two coats of BC Co. Shade 16 and then two coats of NYX Carnival just of the ends of the pointer and middle finger. For the other nails I did one coat but made sure the glitter is evenly spread.
Once the glitter had dried I added a coat of the BC Co. again. Only a thin layer so the glitter shows through. It makes the glitter have this matte effect.

When doing this type of technique make sure you pick nail polishes that are quite thin. If it is two thick the glitter wont show through.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blue Half Moons

My first nail art blog! How exciting!
I decided to use this one as it got a really good response when I posted it on Facebook.
I came up with this idea after playing around with these Label Reinforcements. Basically they are the reinforcements you stick onto of a hole punch hole to stop it from ripping (you can get them from Officeworks). But if you use them on your nails you can make a clear round shape.
I started with a base coat and then added KiKo Shade 372 and added a top coat.
After it had dried I used to the reinforcements and painted the bottom with Barry M – Metallic Blue.
Finish with a top coat and you done!