Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sea Spray!

So a few weeks ago I was send a beautiful shimmer nail polish from a company called Rhasdala.

Rhasdala is run by Gai who started up the company by experimenting with different bath and body products and moved into make up not soon after. She prides herself on hand making all her products from natural ingredients, which I think is AMAZING. 
If you think about it we use these products everyday, maybe natural is the way to go.
I suggest you go have a look at all her products on the website....

NOW, for my nail art. 

Gai sent me a bottle of 'Sea Spray' which is a beautiful shimmer with a slight greeny-blue colour through it. When I got it, it looked quite plain. I wasn't sure what to do with it. But as soon I put it on my existing nail polish it made my fingernails light up. The effect it has on normal nail polish is amazing. I played around with it on many different colours. Here is the combination I came up with in the end...

I started off with a couple of coats of Kiko - Shade 389.  Once it had dried I covered 4 of my nails with Rimmel Pro Matte Finish.
On my ring finger I topped the nail with Rhasdala - Sea Spray. 

Once the matte coat had dried completely I used some sticky tape to create a triangle shade at the base of the nail, and covered it with the Rhasdala - Sea Spray polish again.

To top it all off I added some silver studs from Sparkly Nails.

I had originally done the piece without the matte polish but the shimmer polish didn't really POP, like it should have.

Anyway I think the whole design looks beautiful.

So I suggest you all get on the Rhasdala website and look at all the different polishes she has to offer and try some out.

Let me know how you go??

B xx

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