Sunday, 19 May 2013

Caviar anyone?

What are caviar nails?
Well Caviar Nails have been around for the past year or so. It is basically nail polish covered in tiny little beads to look like caviar. They first made they d├ębut on the runway and nail art enthusiasts went crazy!!
Since then most nail polish brands have come up with their own version/colours.

How to put them on?
It's pretty simple....
1. Base coat.
2. One or two coats of your desired colour.
3. One coat of the same colour or clear nail polish and before the polish dries carefully pour the caviar beads over the wet polish.
4. Once the nail is covered, lightly press down on the beads to secure them.
5. Now you can leave it as is over cover with another topcoat.

My attempt...

I actually got my first little bottle of caviar beads from a really good friend. Because of the darker colours I was holding off using them till the cooler months (I have this weird idea that dark colours should be used in the cooler months). So here they are...

The beads I got are the MUA Nail Constellation - Libra and I paired them up with Kiko no 342. I think this colour really brought out the beautiful turquoise beads amongst the black beads.

I got lots of positive comments about this manicure....what do you think?

B xx

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