Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bit of Burgundy?

So for my friends birthday I decided to do my nails (not that he would notice...hehe) and I based them on this really nice burgundy dress I had bought.
Here they are...

Now this design seems like it is pretty easy to do but for some reason it took forever and I kept stuffing it up. 

Don't you get get that feeling?? ...especially when you have just painted you nails and they look perfect but then you knock them on something. Well this is what happened to me over and over again with this design. It was driving me crazy... I took a good 2 hours to get it right.
Gah! I nearly gave up like 5 times... glad I didn't.

ANYWAY...I decided to match this really nice burgundy colour with a neutral colour and I think they go really well together. I also added a little bit of bling with some gold. 

For my thumb, pinky and ring finger I used one of my favourite colours (that I have used many, many times before) by NYC - Boundless Berry. For the neutral colour I used 17 Lasting Fix - Forever and for the gold dots I used Barry M - Foil. 

Anyway this story does end well with it matching perfectly with my outfit...not that anyone noticed. Haha!

What do you think?
B xx

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