Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tips and Tails

WHAT A BUSY WEEK!!!! Luckily I have made time for a few nail art designs.
I call this post Tips and Tails, so the simple reason because I have done the tips of most of my nails and my ring finger I have attempted to do a fishtail technique.

 The fish tail technique is simple (in theory) but if you don't have a strong free hand, kinda hard to do. But I thought I would give it a go and it turned out great. 

For the rest of the fingers I used a base coat and with a small paintbrush I painted on either the blue or the turquoise. Once it was dry and used the opposite colour to stripe a second stripe.

For the fishtail technique I though the best way to explain how I did it was to show you. Well to show you someone else's technique. Here is Lucy's Stash attempt at a fishtail technique. She has done a great job (even better than me) at  the fishtail technique and even included a simple tutorial. Make sure you check it out!!

The colours I used were:
Australis - Aqua
Barry M - Cyan Blue
Barry M - Foil (Silver)

A huge shout out to Australis Cosmetics who I have only discovered in the past few months. What amazing nail polishes and they are aren't that expensive. If you are looking for a good lasting nail polish, def go with Australis. 


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