Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cate Ruby Swatch

I have been lucky enough the be sent some awesome nail polish from Cate Ruby.
I was so excited to receive them in the mail yesterday that I tried them on straight away.

In my parcel I received two super special colours. Meg (the pink) and Metal Mix (the silver). Even though my mind was racing with different nail art ideas to try with this amazing colours, I had to stop myself and do what I was supposed to do, swatch them. So here goes...

Meg was beautiful to put on. I only needed one coat to cover the whole nail AND it covered evenly. There is nothing I can say to fault this 'Barbie' beautiful polish. So I will talk about the positives....the best part about this polish was how easy it was to clean. I am always in a constant battle with other nail polishes during clean up time but Meg came off really easily and I was able to use plain old nail polish remover which make my cuticles happy. 

Metal Mix was a huge surprise. I expected it to be like other glitter nail polishes where you need a few good coats to evenly spread the glitter. But I was GREATLY mistaken. Metal Mix glided on with ease and like Meg, covered the nail almost in one coat, giving me this glitterly, silver, almost textured look. It was truly stunning on my nails. I could feel my mind coming up with hundreds of ways to use it in my nail art (hopefully be using it very soon).
The only downfall this polish had was clean up and removal. There was a lot of glitter to take off and it stuck to my skin around my nail. This didn't bother me too much as it happens with most fine glitter polishes.

Overall my first experience with Cate Ruby was great. I can not wait to try some more, especially 'Prissie-Lou' which looked amazing on Kylie Gillies nails at the Logies.

-B xx

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