Sunday, 28 April 2013

Silver Splatter

This is quickly become my new favourite nail art.
For two reasons...
1. I got to use my favourite shade of green and 2. I finally got my head around the whole 'splatter' art thing.

In the past I have tried and failed at creating splatter nail art. Either the splatters are too big and they cover the whole nail or I don't put enough polish on the straw to get anything coming out at all.
Now if I am being honest this is nowhere near how I wanted this art to turn out so it was a small case of serendipity....

I started off my painting my nails in Barry M Gelly - Watermelon.  I can safely say this is my favourite colour in my whole collection but I find it really hard to do stuff with it. Glad I came up with this.

Then I dipped the end of the straw into Barry M - Foil (make sure you cover the end of the straw). I aimed the straw at my nail and blew. I made sure it was a strong sharp blow and it will project the polish onto the nail better. Like I said, when I have tried this nail art before it always failed because  I never blew hard enough. The paint dripped in big blobs onto my nail. Yuck! So this time I did my research and tried it this way. So much better.

I really loved this nail art and I left it on my nails for ages because I didn't want to take it off.

I can't wait to try this style again. And with heaps of colours!

- Make sure the end of the straw is covered - think like when your blowing a bubble.
- I found the smaller the straw the better
- For easy clean up cover the area around your nail in Vaseline or sticky tape. Helps for when you clean up afterwards.


-B xx

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