Thursday, 7 March 2013


I LOVE this nail design and when I first did it I got a lot of good responses.

Pretty simple to do:
1. Paint your nail your base colour.
2. Using two pieces of sticky tape I made a triangular shape and painted on top of them with my gold colour.
3. Repeated for the black triangle too.

Some tips when using sticky tape/scotch tape/masking tape: 

  • Make sure all coats are dry before you add the sticky tape... REALLY dry. Because sometimes when you THINK its dry and it isn't the tape will rip off all the layers of nails polish you had already done. And you will cry!
  • Once you painted on the nail polish remove the tape asap. That way the line will be crisper. If you leave the tape to long it might turn out a but gluggy and thick.
  • If you think your tape is too sticky, just press that piece to your hand to take away some of the stickiness. 
Once you've mastered your taping skills you can play around with the design. :) 


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