Sunday, 24 March 2013

Half moon!

Joan Crawford

For all those out there in the nail art world, and for those who aren't,  I have stumbled across a fantastic craze of Half-moon nails!

This type of nail art started in the 1930s, when it was first worn by famous actresses of the time, they usually left the base of their nail bare in a semi-circle shape. Usually these manicures were worn in a red of maroon colour.
But in recent times Half-moon nails have made a come back in fashion and celebrities love em'! Check out some of these crazy combinations:

So the question is, can anyone pull these off?
The answer: DEFINITELY!!

I found that the best way to make them work for you in to make them you own. Use lots of blight colours, textures, stamping. Play around with colour combos, I have seen lots that have a neutral colour like grey, beige, browns, blacks with neon colours.

I personally went for a purple combo.... I started off with 17 Lasting Fix - Royal Indigo and topped that with BC.Co Shade 4. I found that the darker purple didn't really 'pop' so I added the the glittery polish on top.

Finally (after the first two coats had dried) I used a re-enforcement label sticker* to create the half moon shape.
Then over the top I used Rimmel Marshmallow Heaven. 
The Reinforcement label stickers are easy to get your hands on, i got mine from Officeworks for a pack of 250 for about $2. Bargain!
Now if have a steady hand (unlike me) you can try and do the half moons free hand with a small paint brush.
On my thumb I just painted it the one colour and added a few gems to continue the sparkle theme. :) 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I really love your half moon mani by the way, I can't get enough purple polish :)