Monday, 14 October 2013

Galaxy Nails!

So on Saturday night I went to the movies with my friend Haydee to see Gravity. You know? The movie with Sandra Bullock floating around in space. Well we went to see that! And it was awesome! SO AWESOME that I was inspired to finally try my hand at some galaxy nails. I had seen this style on so many other blog I had been meaning to try it, and since I had the inspiration I thought 'What the heck?'....

Now trying to do research on this nail art nearly blew my mind. Every single person has a different way to go about it, some used shimmer polish while others used glitter polish, some layered upon layer upon layer, while other were simple. Ahhhhhhh! *blown mind*

In the end I picked some 'spacey' colours and came up with this...

OK so I used a LOT of colours....this is the order in which I used them.

Purple: 17 - Royal Indigo
Pink: Cate Ruby - Meg
Light Blue: Essence - Absolutely Blue
White: 17 - Mini Skirt
Yellow: Kiko - Shade 279
Sparkle Purple - BC Co - Shade 4
Shimmer Blue: Essence - The Boy Next Door
White (stars): Sally Hansen - White On

I was so complete hung up on technique I realised that the best way to get results is to use your imagination, and you really cant get this wrong (unless you attempt a shooting start and it stuffs up and becomes a starfish shape (see ring finger)).

Hope you like it? 

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