Thursday, 22 August 2013

Liebster Blog Award!!

I can not believe it! The lovely Anita from NailsBy Anita nominated me for a Liebster Award! 
So what is a Liebster Blog Award... 

...well it is for blogs which has less than 200 followers. Apparently  Liebster is German for “beloved” and a blog nominated for this award is “worth watching”. 

The rules are:

1. Once you have received a nomination make sure you post this badge somewhere on your blog.

2. Each nominator will have a set of questions for you to answer. Usually about information you have not yet talked about on your blog, therefore giving your followers (and new followers) get to know a little bit more about you. 

3. Nominate 10 blogs will less then 200 followers, who you think deserves this award! 

4. Make sure you let them know! 

5. No tag backs. 

My Answers!!

Ok so here are the answers to Anita's questions...

1. How long have you been painting your nails?
Ok, so I have been painting my nails since I was a teenager. I wasn't allowed to paint my nails growing up so when I was allowed I didn't really stop. I used to take bottles of nail polish to my friends house so I could paint them there while we watch a movie or TV. Haha! I have been doing nail art for just over a year. 

2. If you could paint a celebrity's nails, who would they be? 
I would LOVE to paint Zooey Deschanel. Only because she would let me do some crazy nail art design on them. 

3. What is your worst nightmare?
Hrmmmm, falling over and breaking my teeth OR a fish tank breaking and I am surrounded by flapping fish. Eeeek!    ...weird huh?

4. Besides nail art, what else do you enjoy doing? 
I love reading, even though I haven't done enough this year. 

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I will be 31. Hopefully I will be the owner of my own home, a stable job and LOTS more travelling.

NOW I get to pick my 10 Liebster Blog here they are!

1. Jemma from London Varnish 
2. Our Painted World
3. Erin from Hand-y Feats and other Treats
4. Polish All the Nails 
5. Chiara from passion for nails
6. Lacqueerisa
7. Simple Nails
8. Bathelen from Bethelen's Nails 
9. Margriet from 365 days of nail art
10. Melody from The Manicured Amateur

My questions:

- Why did you decided to create a blog??

- What is something you LOVE doing (besides nail art)?

- When did you start doing nail art?

- What was your last dream about?

- What is something you CAN NOT live without and why?

There you go! All done!
Thanks again...
B x

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